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Food Categories

Top 10 Meat/Meat Alternates
Beef, ground, fresh or frozen, no more than 20% fat, includes USDA Foods, (like IMPS 136)
Cheese american, cheddar,mozzarella, or swiss, natural or process, includes USDA Foods
Chicken boneless, fresh or frozen, tenders, tenderloins (boneless, chicken breast pieces without skin)
Chicken, cooked, frozen, diced or pulled, no skin, wing meat, neck meat, giblet, or kidneys, includes USDA Foods
Turkey ham, fully cooked, chilled or frozen
Turkey roast, fresh or frozen, without bone, USDA Foods only
Yogurt, fresh, plain or flavored, sweetened or unsweetened, commercially-prepared (includes Greek yogurt)
Beef, ground, fresh or frozen, no more than 15% fat, (like IMPS 136)
Beans, Pinto, dry, canned, whole, includes USDA Foods
Bean products, dry beans, canned, beans baked or in sauce with pork
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